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Your school generates a wealth of data including pupil assessment scores, attendance data and interventions.

Compiling this data in a way that enables you to easily extract valuable insights is difficult and time consuming.

Schools’ Intelligence makes pupil tracking simple by bringing your data together in one easy to use application.

The application is built using QlikView, the leading business intelligence technology, allowing schools to reap the benefits already seen by over 33,000 businesses globally.

  • Complete Data

    Track pupils, analyse assessment data, interventions, attendance and Pupil Premium all in one place.

  • Effortless Reporting

    Easily present beautiful data rich reports for parents, governors and OfSted.

  • Simple Set-Up

    It works alongside existing tools, meaning integration and set-up is painless and fast.

Removal of ‘levels’

As of September 2014, the way in which the Government required schools to monitor pupil progress changed, meaning the responsibility lay solely in the hands of individual schools.

At Schools’ Intelligence we can help you maintain a consistent measurement of performance by either translating your existing data into your new measures or retaining the traditional average point score system.

About Schools’ Intelligence – The School Pupil Tracker

Schools’ Intelligence began when a large academy primary school in Southampton approached us with a problem. Its staff were frustrated that there wasn’t a tool on the market that could provide a single point of reference for all data analysis across the school. Not only was it time consuming for teachers to record data, but the school was failing to get any true insights from it to help make informed decisions.

At Schools’ Intelligence our belief is that leading technology, used by global corporations, should be available to schools of all sizes to ensure the best possible outcomes for future generations. That’s why the cutting edge business intelligence software QlikView is at the heart of our school pupil tracker, providing expert analysis and intuitive design.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence or BI as its known is being used by corporations around the world to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. We’ve used that same technology to power the most advanced school pupil tracker available.

Take the pain out of pupil tracking

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