The dust is settling on the 2015 General Election

Almost a month on from the Conservative Party success, we look at what this means for the UK education sector.  What did they promise throughout their election trail- and will they deliver?  We wait with anticipation to see what will evolve in a school near you!  The team at Schools’ Intelligence found some key pointers from the TES and the BBC news website to help get to grips with the impact of the new Party Policies.

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Election Fever- Making your decision

What are the Political Party Manifestos for Education?

With only 15 days left until the General Election, it is getting harder to make a clear decision based on policies alone. So here at Schools’ Intelligence we have compiled a short break down of some of the key statements the party leaders have made on education throughout their election trails. Hopefully this will make it slightly easier to make an informed decision on May 7th 2015. Continue Reading

Assessment Without Levels

The solution for whole school assessment does not need to be a specific unit that pupil progress is measured in, but being able to recognise the significance of the “value” it holds, regardless of the language used to label it.

The BBC reported this week that a teacher led forum is being created to help primary schools in England to find new ways of assessing their pupils’ progress in light of the long standing levels being scrapped.

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The Bett Show 2015

At Schools’ Intelligence there is an air of anticipation and excitement as we prepare for the biggest technology education show in the academic calendar, Bett 2015.

We are excited to be showcasing our latest product, which uniquely brings together in one easy to use application, information on assessment data, interventions, attendance and much more. We are equally excited to meet our clients and all attending the Bett show.

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